All I want to know is where is the tour video…?!? Like does anyone know if/when it will be released?

it’s not coming out imo. the rumor right after she canceled wembley was that they were supposed to film the third and fourth shows, and then obviously she canceled them, so they canceled the dvd. 

 even if they had stuff filmed from the first two wembley shows, or the 2016 tour, tbh i think it likely was decided that it’s kinda a bad look to send to thousands ‘i canceled on you, now pay to watch me perform for other people on dvd!’ especially with the history of cancelations, all the building up of it being the finale and her supposed last tour etc. etc. ykwim? i know a lot of fans are still disappointed about what happened, and i don’t think a tour dvd is/was the best way to respond to that.

– suzannah