If you could have gone to any of Adele’s previous shows/festivals/performances from any era, what would your top 5 be and why?

  1. royal albert fucking hall: peak 21
  2. glasto: peak 25
  3. tabernacle: the acoustic 21 is godly and the whole thing is cool bc the album had not blown up yet at all. nobody knew but everybody knew yk
  4. wiltern: super intimate + live debuts of a bunch of songs + the only time turning tables got performed during the 25 era = a slaying combination
  5. roseland ballroom: it was her 21st birthday and my birthday’s the same day so i’ve always liked it for that reason

honorable mentions to rcmh (throwback to the basewide fomo when everyone didn’t get tickets haha), itunes music festival, the second night at wembley, cleveland in 2009 (not really super interesting besides the fact it’s the only time she’s come anywhere in my state), hollywood bowl, roseland ballroom, the rescheduled concert in phoenix last year and edgefield in 2011