It sounds like a lot of people are just being babies. We’re not entitled to every detail of her life and if she doesn’t want to make a statement right now then she shouldn’t have to. People are making a bigger deal out of it than it is

i completely disagree. it’s not ‘babyish’ whatsoever to hold her accountable. she said “there will be more information in the next few days”, people should be able to reasonably expect her to come through on that without being called names. in the past month alone i’ve had to tell my aunt, my friend’s dad, and my entire 9am music lecture class that she’s not dying, and that she, more likely than not, will tour again. that’s because she has not said anything, and what she has said has been so over the top that nobody is sure she’s anything short of dying.

her kid’s life is her business. where she lives is her business. what specific medical issue she had that caused her to cancel is her business. nobody is asking for any of those or similar things here. but as a public figure, if she tells the world that she has “damaged her vocal cords” it is not at all intrusive or unexpected for the thought a month later to be ‘forget about beyoncé, are you feeling okay?’. following up about your condition, even vaguely, to people who care about your well-being–family, friends, or fans–is basic rules of being considerate. and in this case it is a MASSIVE deal, if adele can’t sing, there is no adele the musician.