that is messy but I think the fans should give her a break. every artist handles cancelling shows differently. maybe nothing hasn’t changed and that’s why she hasn’t given us a update. I don’t know…

my dude, the fans have given her a complete break for two months, and aside from our infighting today, still are. when she cancelled (many) shows for 21 with vocal issues, we were kept much more informed, so about your everybody’s different point, it’s actually a bit out of character for her.

and even if nothing’s changed in her condition, or maybe she’s just so broken up about it that she feels she can’t share a change, she could try to know her audience in the meantime? like that it feels to many of us like she’s just brushing all of our concern under the rug when she tweets about beyoncé rn, like she didn’t just cancel on 200k people after saying she may never tour again?

idk either, i guess my one biggest fear is that they’re just purposely leaving us in the dark to build hype for ST, that’d be gross ?