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“This video of this adorable little girl encouraging her Dad while he tries to do her hair, is just what we needed to brighten up our day.” [X]

[Dad: How’m I doing on your hair?

Child: Good!

Dad: Let’s see, do I need more grease?

Child: Yes. You need more grease on there.

Dad: More grease? And then what?

Child: And then you gonna need to brush it, and then you put a band on there.

Dad: A band on it?

Child: Yeah!

Dad: Aww..

Child: You’re getting it through! You’re almost done! You’re doing a good job!

Dad: Aww, thank you, sweetheart, so much! Daddy’s trying, doing the best I can. Thank you so much.

Child: You’re welcome!

Dad: I’m almost done!

Child: You been doing great!

Dad: Aw baby, thank you so much, you’re so encouraging to Dad. Thank you.

Child: You’re welcome.

Dad: I really appreciate you so much. You’re so awesome. Daddy getting your ponytails ready for school.]

Interrupting all the political ugliness to make you melt with cute.

Me as a father

this is so pure

Kids that age are parrots of tone and phrasing. So the whole bit with “You’re getting it through! You’re almost done! You’re doing a good job!” means that there is at least one adult, if not more, in her life that regularly talks to her that way.

Everything about this video makes me happy.