We have been in sync with the album critiques lately!!!!! I agree BTD is Lana’s best work but L4L is the best thing she’s done in a while (Ultraviolence and Honeymoon were ehh). The first half of L4L sounds so pretty and then the second half got a bit more intense and some songs were carried by the beat. The songs you selected as your favorite were mine as well, just add Cherry! I think my top 3 from this album are Love, 13 Beaches, and Cherry. I just can’t seem to stop listening to these songs!

Yeah, I don’t really like Ultraviolence, and nowadays I pretty much only go back and listen to God Knows I Tried and Salvatore from Honeymoon. Both nowhere near BTD or now L4L really. I keep listening to this one, which is a good sign I think. I love Lana’s lyrics and the cinematic vibe many of her songs have, but she tends to put me to sleep tbh.