What are the things you wish Adele didn’t say this last era?

i feel like i’m gonna end up rambling on way too much on this one so lemme preemptively put this under a cut…

  • the dramatics—the real life/i’m disappearing/i may never tour again stuff. it’s almost like she said it so many fucking times, even got booed for it and still said it, that the universe went savage and struck her down with those last wembley shows like ‘you don’t want to tour anymore? okay, you won’t’ ? if she’s trying to be relatable and/or deep, she’s not going to do that by pulling stunts, telling people the concerts they so enjoy aren’t real, but not working, something that they don’t have the means to do, is. instead, more famous or not, she’d still accomplish relatability exactly how she did before, e.g. the original extended SLY speech/story is one of the most poignant things she’s ever said.
  • the comment that she has “mad fans”, and said that thanking her fans at the 2016 brits is “cheesy”—a) i don’t want this to come across as that she’s bad to her fans because she’s not, she also said/did a bunch of really nice things too. b) adele does have some truly intrusive, creepy, borderline dangerous “fans”. i’d list those i know of in hopes they receive restraining orders/direct ostracism in a smash hit diss track on A4, but yk… anyway, she ended up really kinda hurting the well-meaning people (a majority) that stan her as a musician by grouping them with stalker weirdos much more than she did fix those weirdos by saying this. even more, the phrase itself sounds a bit silly coming from a massive beyoncé stan (more on that in a sec). c) thanking fans is never cheesy, that’s why pretty much everyone else, her idol bey included, already does it. nobody thinks she’s weird for thanking the entire general public her fans who bought a bajillion copies of her records alone, and we’d be honored to cross her mind while winning her 663rd grammy for them.
  • the constant beyoncé-ing—more division in opinion on this one than the others, some adele fans consider themselves massive fans of beyoncé too and are in love with the aoty speech and any time she mentions beyoncé, some fans are cool with beyoncé but think the grammy night could’ve been handled more maturely and respectfully to other nominees, her co-writers, her team, her own work, etc. and that she can stan without putting the hive before herself (<<< i’m in this group), and then there are people that think the speech was outright moronic, and broadly every time she mentions beyoncé is a j law-esque desperate attempt to appear relatable. whatever your take, i think it can be agreed that it went from fun with like 21 to being quite a lot of her public presence in the 25 era mess halo just came up on shuffle while i was writing this.
  • she made a joke once or twice onstage after seeing a sign language interpreter there that the Deaf people can’t hear if she sounds bad—it was just insensitive and could go terribly wrong, i think she already learned since she’s never said it again but @adele-the-usually-woke: don’t do dis.
  • i’ll never write an album as good as 21—fuck this mindset. she is capable. the only people who believes that adele’s ability really begins and ends with a bad breakup in her early 20s are OAHs and herself.
  • i’m gonna go drink whiskey and smoke after wembley/i’m nearly 30-years-old but don’t run my own social media accounts because it’s been deemed too much of a risk that i will say something offensive with how much i am inebriated/i’m supposedly not drinking on show days yet we have amanda doing interviews saying that i’m the most lit artist she’s ever toured with/i’ve been day-drinking all week/getting drunk publicly and promising tickets to my shows is hilarious/abusing my voice in general and then being sad when i injure myself again and cancel your shows is somehow something i can’t learn from—fuck this the most. everything else is annoying, this is career-ending, life-altering. grow up. if she has a drinking problem, she needs own up to it more than “i used to be a drinker” before it owns her. if the songs are too big, if she’s not warming up enough or correctly, if she can’t handle do as long of tours, all of that needs to be responsibly addressed. if she doesn’t respect herself, i hope she respect her son enough not to be the latest to strap their kid with a legacy of ‘well his parent was a really talented musician, but they fucked themself up’. idk anymore on this one. i guess this isn’t a ‘i hope she stops saying this’ as much as a ‘i hope she stops having this to say’. i hope she figures it all out. i’m tired of what deservedly and otherwise are some of the greatest album eras of all time repeatedly ending in disappointment, at the least tangentially related to this.

tl;dr: going forward, i wish she could live in the moment more with her opportunities but less with her health. her fans are real people with feelings and opinions, sometimes she got out of touch with that—in other words, “it’s so typical of me to talk about myself, i’m sorry”-dele is real, but hopefully gets mostly left in the 25 era.