What are your hopes for Adeles next album? Sound, lyrics, collaborations, overall vibes? I’m on the fence with wanting it to be more experimental like ‘I Miss You’ (her and paul are magic to me) or just super old school raw soul sounding. Whatever the case she’s gonna slay (obvi)

those are the two sound directions i’d be most here for tbh. i feel like she’d slay both and they’d target what 25 and the end of 21 kinda took away from her the greatest, both musically with her at times abandoning the more alternative elements of her natural style for pop radio hits (SML) and/or relying on clichés of herself for the same (AIA), and in her public image with all the drama of disappearing or aging or voice problems or whatever. i get the scale of her career is a whole lot bigger, but like, is it bad that i miss most when she’d just show up and sing songs that didn’t sound like anything else out there (and don’t get me wrong, several of 25 track’s still did that), in between a few silly stories about the song or what was going on in her life at the moment? and she didn’t feel the need to threaten every night to be one of her last shows ever, and she didn’t have to bring people onstage to prove she’s real because she just was? like imagine if self-titled era could be the point where she didn’t have to be so drawn in by the madness of the past 6 years and just was like ‘this is exactly who i am and what i think, deal with it’

but anyway, sorry for the mini-rant possibly requesting the impossible lol… i do want to hear a collab with her at some point, but i don’t want anyone else appearing on this record. it’s the first (potentially self-titled) album out of the trilogy, it should be as her as possible. and in terms of writing collabs, i want her to shrink the number of different people way down. keep paul because their stuff slays, try it again with danger mouse because RL’s verses are some of the best she’s ever done but they needed more time, etc. no more martin/shellback, tedder and kurstin only if its innovative, rick rubin again?

keep the subject matter personal, but be ambitious and branch out from uber-introspective about adele’s relationships to adele within the broader world. she’s always posted about albums like that, but i feel like she hasn’t pushed herself as much that way yet and i really wanna hear her try. plus if there’s a point with being uncomfortable about sharing too much about simon and her son, it would move away from that too.

so yeah. i’m really excited tbh. only 2 and a half centuries to go ??