What has Laura said /done that you don’t like

First of all, her and her mom kinda pander to Adele’s fans whenever they have something new to release. Throw in Adele tweeting about Laura too and it can make ya feel a bit used.

She’s had a bunch of bad one-on-one interactions with DDs, I’m not gonna spill all the tea on that as they’re not my stories to retell, but she once told someone in person she’d help them with their writing (completely unrelated to Adele) and then totally blew them off, she once launched a public personal attack against a fan, referred to Adele’s fans as her “wolves” that would also attack the person, and then deleted the whole thing to cover her tracks, etc. 

She receives comped tickets to everything which is totally fine and expected but then fans that have seen her at shows say she behaves super rudely, e.g. at RCMH her/her (ex?) husband went in with like a whole bottle of some kind of alcohol and were generally acting like they owned the place. In contrast, people who have run into her other close friend Soufian said he was really nice, so it’s most certainly not a case of Adele only associating with jerks.

During the last Drought, Laura orchestrated this whole thing where Adele sent a message to a fan Camilla via Laura’s account, asking her to send drawings she’d been tweeting to Adele and Laura to them in exchange for autographed merch. The drawings were cute, but not only was Camilla tweeting Laura about Adele after she’d freaked out about other people doing so, but she was drawing pictures of paparazzi photos including Adele’s son, so the whole message was quite mixed. A bunch of fans did really overreact to the situation, but then Laura and her mom did the most and started tweeting how horrible the base was for being upset, and then consoling the manipulated fans that begged for forgiveness. Then Laura tried to contact Camilla again at the beginning of the 25 era, although for some reason that died on the vine.

It’s all kinda weird to some of us too that Laura was super publicly best friends with not Adele but Kate Nash, like they literally did joint best friends interviews, but then as soon as Kate’s career started to decline and Adele broke up with 21 guy she’s suddenly Adele’s “ride or die” bestie.

There was also the time Laura’s mom tweeted a picture of Adele’s son directly to a fan in 2013 which I’m 900% sure Adele did not condone (it’s still there btw), the time when Laura went on a whole rant on IG that she receives no benefits from Adele whatsoever and then later posted pics of the house from the 21 videos as her own, and so on even recently.

Adele’s relationships ultimately don’t affect me as I’m a fan of her and not them. That said, I do really like almost everyone she associates herself with, and I don’t try to talk bad about anyone because I don’t know all the details and I feel like I’m betraying Adele a bit if I’m honest hence why I kept trying to not answer this and why I still feel guilty writing this ?. However, there have been enough instances that have left a bad taste in my mouth here specifically, and made me think that Laura (and her mom)’s the kind of ‘beneficial’ friend Adele would give the coat off her back (both literally and figuratively, heh…) to, but she can’t actually be trusted to do the same.

So I hope other people realize, but in the meantime I just roll my eyes at the book promo and subsequent ‘friendship goals!’ tweets, avoid her and live my life.