What if TS said “My black friends” Like Adele did at the Grammys?The reaction would be pretty different Huh.

I mean yeah because it was understood to most when Adele said it that she meant it in a way of promoting Black empowerment specially. Beyoncé is important to multiple of Adele’s friends, but she is especially important to her friends that are Black because of the subject matter of Lemonade. I completely understand how it could be misinterpreted, but I felt it was appropriate in context as it was the difference between it coming across as Adele being a crazy stan who just wanted to give her award to Beyoncé and giving it to her because she understood what her album had to say.

Whereas if Taylor said it, there is the factor of people jumping on what she says more, partially because of the broad state of her PR, partially because she straight up has a messier history with acknowledging intersectionality, privilege, etc. than Adele. Pair that with their vastly different geological/socioeconomic origins, and you see not only why those perspectives are different, but why people are more ready to assume Adele as having better intentions in this area than Taylor.