What is the all dialogue in the background of the Hello MV?

I’m not great at this but…

Adele: I just got here and I think I’m losing signal already. Hello? Can you hear me now? Sorry. Sorry, I’ve lost you. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you(???). Sorry.

Mack: Stop! [Laughs} What? C’mon!
Adele: [Laughs} You’ll wake up the neighbors.

Adele: Hey, it’s me. I was just calling to say hi, I though you would pick up, but em, it’s nothing important I just wanted to say hi(???). I don’t… I don’t know why I always call you like this. Bye.

Mack: ??? [Laughs}

Mack: ??? It’s amazing.
Adele: ???
Mack: It’s not, it’s not… ??? It’s not.

Mack: I’m a man’s man.
Adele: [Laughs]
Mack: I’m a man’s man, I’m a man’s man, don’t get carried away(???), okay?
Adele: [Laughs]

Mack: ???
Adele: [Laughs]

Mack: No, this ain’t right. This is your life now, alright? Here, take anything you like. Like this. This is exactly what… you’re forgetting about what we started!

Adele: I really really hate myself.

Mack: Forget it! Fucking say something! ???

Adele: I believe in you(???)