What not to say to friends with acne (written by a friend with acne)



1. Do not suggest acne products: it’s a kind gesture, but chances are we know. We’ve tried it. Our cabinets are overflowing with products that have failed us. My bathroom looks like a small chemistry lab.

2. Do not draw correlations between acne and our diet: I tried drinking 8 waterbottles a day, eating organic, cutting out sugar, filling up on a laundry list of fruits and vegetables. It’s not often the solution. A lot of us would have clear skin if it were that easy.

3. Do not talk about your so-called acne: As I’m sitting here drowning in my own face oil and covered in multiple pimples, I am incredibly envious of your one red dot that apparently, for you, constitutes ‘acne.’ Give me that acne plz.

4. Do not tell us “you can’t see our acne”: Yes you can. So can I. Your feigned blindness to it does more harm than it does good.

Please feel free to add to this…

5. Do not tell us that we would “look beautiful if we just wore some makeup!”: We are completely aware of that. But some acne sufferers can’t/don’t wear makeup because we are allergic or it might make us break out worse, no matter what kind of makeup it is. Sometimes our dermatologists flat-out say that we can’t wear it. Also, Its kind of a rude thing to say.

6. Do not go touching our face or hair if we say no: one time I had some friends that kept pushing me to let them do my hair and makeup, but I was incredibly worried about getting a breakout from makeup or their hands, so I refused. The last thing people with acne want is more pimples. Respect our boundaries.

7. Don’t baby us because we have acne: its really not nessecary to make a scene if someone makes a remark about our acne. We can stand up for ourselves, and it will honestly just embarrass us more if you try to put your two-cents in. We really arn’t that helpless and fragile. If we need you to stand up for us, we’ll say something, we promise.