what the hell she do wrong now

welp, not wrong, just messy i guess. basically she tweeted about beyoncé again today when she still hasn’t given any update about her own vocal health two months after canceling wembley saying there’d “be more information in the next few days”. people are genuinely concerned; almost everyone is completely out of the loop on what’s up, and some of us on twitter only have some idea because laura said something directly to some fans which is an entirely different, confusing mess i don’t wanna go into rn. all it would have really taken is a simple ‘i’m on the mend’ kinda deal last month for some needed closure there, but now it’s been so long the whole thing is just super awkward ??‍♀️

that died down, but then gaga happened to cancel her show in montreal, which led to a bunch of people randomly saying she handled it better than adele did with wembley etc., massive arguments about how adele treats her fanbase in general in comparison to other artist… oi i’m tired.

tl;dr basically there’s a lot of unresolved adele’s-fan-relations issues that happened to get dragged up today